Personal biography template

Personal Biography Template

Simply put, a biography is an account of somebody’s life that can be one-paragraph long or written as a book. If you aim at writing a biography of your military achievements, you include only basic but important information. This may seem obvious, but each type of biography has its own secrets, and what works for your military biography won’t work for a professional one simply because writing it successfully depends on whether or not you followed the professional biography writing guide.  However, there is another type of biography which is adored by creative people. It is called a personal biography. And while writing it, you shouldn’t strictly follow the rules of biography writing.  You just tell a story about yourself. But just remember not to exaggerate things. Personal biography is still a biography, not a tale.

Below, I will list 8 points that should be present in any biography, but the way you put these facts into words will be different.

  • Write person’s name date and place of birth and death, if applicable
  • Talk about profession and major achievements
  • Talk about educational background, credentials like publications, relevant experience and notable awards
  • Write about person’s contribution to the field he/she are/were working in
  • Write about how this person influenced the community and his/her peers and contemporaries
  • Include some interesting information like hobbies, personal beliefs and motto
  • Add some humor to break the ice
  • Include contact details

By the way, a biography is written in the third person, but only a personal biography is written in the first person. And remember, it’s not about how you do it, but how you say it.

Personal biography template #1

My name is Madison Harvey and I was born to a farmer’s family from Colorado. Since I was brought up on a ranch, I came to love nature and everything what comes with it. Shortly after graduating University of Northern Colorado, I married my hubby and his dog. Although I haven’t received any major awards and I only have credentials to be a perfect mom and a gardener, I do make contributions to my community like urging our local school to use only fresh food for the meals. Surely, all I do is for my daughter’s safe future. Nevertheless, I’m proud of what I do and if you do want to learn more, contact me via email or simply visit my blog

Personal biography template #2

My name is Jacob Lewis, and I am a keen traveler and a dreamer at the same time. For years I had dreamt of travelling around Asia. But unfortunately I never had the courage just to leave everything and start travelling. Surely, being a successful lawyer who has won 90% of his cases didn’t allow me simply to give up on such a life. I did a lot to get where I was at that moment. Getting through Harvard and getting a job in a good law firm cost me a lot and I’m not talking about money. Most of my time was spent on researching and learning as much as possible about my cases in order to win them. Surely, in 2014 my contribution to the firm helped it receive The Lawyer Monthly Legal Award. So there was no way I could give up on my successful life. Still, never say never. When I met my future wife Cory, my life changed completely. Actually, she changed me. Then I understood that I lived a pretty comfortable but miserable life. Safety in life isn’t everything. To live to the fullest you should get out of your comfort zone and explore the world, which I did. Last year I took a vacation for the first time in the last six years and went to Asia where actually I and Cory got married. Surely, I didn’t resign from my job, but now I’m trying to care more about my life than the number of cases I win.


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